Expect More From Feminization Hypnosis – Transgenders, Transsexuals

Welcome and thank you for taking time to relax. You will find that your body and mind will be grateful for this time. “Thank you!” Can you hear them? “Thank you!” “Thank you!” Feel the comfort of these words. Feel “Thank you!” spread in your mind and body, feel how it enters places of pain, tension, worries, and replaces them with calm.You are now ready to receive the treasure of serenity. Close your eyes. Take a slow, deep breath. Inhale, exhale. And another slow – - deep – - breath. Inhale and exhale. With each breath, your mind and body fill with calm.Induction & DeepenerYour attention moves to your right hand. All your awareness, all your consciousness flow into your right hand. Breathe deeply as your right hand gets heavier and heavier. Feel the weight of relaxation in your hand, feel you hand sink into a soft surface. Put it to bed. You have been waiting for this magic sensation of heaviness. In your hand you can now feel what it means to relax. Stress, tension, pain, all dissolve into a calm, omnipresent heaviness, pervading every cell of your hand. Your right hand has fallen into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.Let your hand sleep like a baby and move your attention to your left hand. Let your right hand teach it how to relax. Inhale, exhale, feel your left hand get heavier and heavier when you exhale, feel it sink into bed and relax into a deep sleep. Good night, left hand, sleep tight.Next, let the heaviness of sleep move on to your legs. Relax your legs. Start with the tip of your toes, feel this familiar weight stretch to your toes, to your ankles, to every nerve, every muscle, every bone. Every fiber of your legs fills with heaviness and calm. Feel the comfort of heaviness in your legs. Let your legs relax.Invite the weight of serenity to move further up. Feel the rejuvenating essence of calm stretch and flow from your thighs upwards into stomach and back and absorb all anxiety, pain, and stress that was residing there into its expanse of calm. Take a deep breath. Feel all tension, all stress in your stomach dissolve into the flawless calm stretching out in your body. Feel the joy of freedom as your stress and tension dissolve. Feel the comfort of relaxation.Let this feeling of calm flow up into your chest and shoulders, feel your chest open and fall as you breathe, feel your shoulders let go of tension, stretch, and relax. Feel the pleasant weight move up to your head and spread to your face. Let it smooth out any worries that were knotting your features. Focus on the point where your nose meets your forehead, and your third eye will open. From your new center of vision, feel your eyebrows and your forehead stretch out into a smooth expanse of calm. A true feeling of calm has spread to every cell of your body. Embrace this sensation with love.Now that you have reached a state of calm, focus all your attention on your mind, your consciousness, your awareness. Find the place where your mind resides. It is not near or far. It is simply you. Find this you. Find its thoughts and its feelings. Locate the place where your consciousness resides.

Find it and move beyond it. If you can perceive this you, you are an entity beyond these thoughts and feelings. An entity that can watch them from the outside. Do not let these thoughts and feelings control you. Simply watch your thoughts and feelings pass you by. Do not get involved. Simply watch them like a river flowing by. Congratulations. Welcome. You have arrived at the peak of serenity. You have reached a state of awareness. You have expanded your mind. You have brought your mind and body to, a place of freedom, a place of peace. “Thank you!” Can you hear them speak? “Thank you!” “Thank you!” (chorus of gratefulness, transition into background music/ nature sounds for the main meditation).Embryonic Body FeminizationNow that you are at the center of your being, imagine a timeline of your life. Every moment you have lived is represented in this line. Its time and space, its details and emotions.You have received a magic tool. Welcome it into your hands. Receive the sliding frame. When you apply the sliding frame, it connects with the time line of your life. You can slide it along the hours, days, months, and years of your life and choose whatever place you wish. The frame will reveal this moment, this episode and let you re-live it. Wherever you decide to set it, you will experience this place in time again. Your experience will be fresher and richer than before. This time, you will be in control. You have reached an elevated state of being that allows you to re-live with increased freshness loved moments of the past.Pat moments, and the past you. You are now in a position that allows you to modify this you. Feel your body and mind’s constitution and the sum of its qualities. Can you detect hardness? Can you detect anything that keeps you from connecting with yourself, with others, with the world? You are free to give yourself gentleness and flexibility. You are free to insert new femininity into this you that has failed you. Infuse your body and mind with gentleness, open them up adjusting to the influx of the world, use the soft and giving qualities of feminine power. Re-define your place in the world. You are now in a position that allows you to fix things. Things that have gone wrong, things you wish to mend. You can now repair the cracks and tears of your past. Start moving the sliding frame back from the present moment. See your life this morning, last night, last week, unfolding like a movie in your mind, triggering fresh responses in your body. Feel the you that is inhabiting this world. This world of your past. Good. Move the frame further towards your youth. Feel health and fresh energy permeate your body. Feel the spring in your step, the elasticity in your skin, the wholesome strength in your heartbeat. Feel your beauty radiate into the world. Slide the frame to whatever moment you want to re-visit in your youth. Look at yourself. Concentrate on the biological difference between the you you’re looking at and the present you. Go back to the you in your past and absorb its vitality through your present mind into your present body. Now travel further back. Slide the frame so far back, you are now a little baby, born only a few days ago. You are completely new to this world. Tired, you are sleeping in your mother’s arms. Feel the softness of her body, the scent of her skin, the calm vibrations of her voice as she hums a tune for you, her new treasure, the new life she has brought into this world and is now showering with love. You are completely free of worries. Your world is filled with nothing but love. You are profoundly connected with the roots of life, the roots of creation, the essence of being.Now, slide the frame even further back till you arrive back in your mother’s womb. Travel back through the stages of your life as an embryo, floating weightlessly in your mother’s womb, nourished with the sustenance of love through her body. Feel her love surround and permeate you. Travel back to the time when you were nothing but a union of two cells resulting from the act of love, of perfect connection with the cosmos. Suffuse these fresh cells with your consciousness. This is the beginning of your existence. Whatever you have always wished for in yourself, this is the place to plant its seeds.Do you wish you were more feminine? Are you longing for radiant skin, beautiful hair, enchanting eyes? Picture your perfect self, and concentrate on these first cells that began your life. Communicate whatever changes you hope for to the first stage of your life. Suffuse these little cells with good wishes and love. Nurture them into a you that allows you love and happiness in this world. Create the perfect you.Watch the tiny cells soak up your wishes and respond with enthusiasm. Watch them grow along the tracks of your wishes. Watch them turn into a perfect embryo that will keep growing into the perfect you. Watch it grow, healthy, and wholesome. Your perfect new self.The time has come now to slowly travel back and let the embryo blossom towards its new life, your new life. Slowly slide the frame back towards the present. Feel the changes you have made to the tiny embryo that was you. Stop the frame briefly when this beautiful baby is born. The perfect baby you have envisioned starting from the moment its first cells united. Watch the baby smile. This baby is you. Say thank you and as you let gratefulness flood your body, let gratefulness seep through to this perfect, healthy, and happy baby. Watch the baby grow, develop into the perfect shape you envisioned, filled with the qualities you imagined, filled with energy and love. Watch the baby turn one year old. Watch yourself, a vibrant, healthy baby. You can see fresh life and perfect health in your eyes. You watch yourself sleep with not a single worry. Your family is brimming with happiness about the new life they brought into this world. One-year-old you.Now, slide the frame to your ten-year-old self. Watch how happy you are, how confident. Observe your carefree life. The world is a playground for you. It feels so good to be free of worries. Slide the frame ahead. Watch your life unfold anew, blossoming with the love and care you have put into its first stage of fruition. Watch your personality develop with happiness and love.

Move the frame ahead. Watch your life unfold as you always envisioned it. As the frame moves closer to the present, you feel yourself brimming with excitement, vibrant and energetic. As the slider approaches your present self, it brings with it all the changes you have brought about. Feel the physiological changes, the biological, and mental changes.Say Thank You to yourself, and feel a deep sensation of gratefulness suffuse you. As you draw closer and closer to the present moment, watch your perfect self, vibrating with energy and beauty. Go meet this person. Feel the energy and perfection seep into your own body and mind, feel how this new you merges with your present self, let it transform all its pain, tension, stress, and shortcomings into the perfect new self you have created by visiting the beginning of your life and giving it the nourishment it needed to grow into this vibrant, healthy, beautiful being. Welcome this being into your life. This is you. Healthy, charismatic, attractive, happy. Bask in gratefulness as you welcome the new vibrant you into your body and mind. Feel it renew your old self, let it take over and replace your life with this new life vibrant with energy and happiness.Now, slowly begin to re-connect with the place where you started your journey. You have come back a new person. You have become the person you have always dreamed of being. You have created a new you, the perfect you. Feel this new energy, this new physicality, this new set of emotions spread throughout your body. Feel it seep into your thoughts, your body, your emotions, and your senses. Feel the bright light of this transformation, the energy of your transformative power. Slide, and breathe. Here you are, back in the same place you started, yet completely transformed. Settle into your new self, and reflect. Think back to all the stages of your marvelous journey.Exit Hypnotic StateNow that you have come back from your trip, find the awareness that you left behind. The next step is yours. Your next choice will be made by your new self. Yes, you are your new self. How are you feeling? Will you choose to sink into a deep, rejuvenating sleep to begin your new existence? Do you feel refreshed? Will you choose to wake up to a new day? Whether you choose the world of dreams, or the world of wakefulness, count slowly. One – - two – - three. Open your new eyes to this new world. Welcome! And thank you for all you have done for yourself. Thank you